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"Welcome to Plant a Pledge - a campaign supporting the biggest restoration initiative the world has ever seen. Your pledge will urge world leaders and landowners across the planet to commit to forest and landscape restoration right now."

Bianca Jagger, of BJHRF, Plant a Pledge Campaign Ambassador


Two billion hectares of deforested, barren landscapes across the globe could be restored. That’s an area of land larger than South America. Help us urge governments and landowners to restore 150 million hectares by 2020.

Explore the globe and discover the opportunities for forest and landscape restoration in more detail. Click on the pink pins to see pictures and view films about the locations and livelihoods we could transform.

Businesses, celebrities and thousands of people from around the world are being encouraged to plant their pledges of support. You can discover more about them by clicking on the purple pins.

When you Plant a Pledge, you urge world leaders and landowners to commit TODAY to 150 million hectares of forest landscape restoration by 2020. Zoom into the globe and plant your pledge with a simple click on your computer or handheld. Log in via Facebook and spread the word to friends and family.

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