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You can make a difference! It’s time to restore nature throughout the world.

Welcome to Plant a Pledge – a campaign supporting the restoration of nature throughout the world. We need your help to make a difference. Your pledge will urge world leaders and landowners across the planet to commit to forest and landscape restoration right now!

A public-centric campaign urging governments, businesses and environmental experts to commit to restoring lost landscapes.

Imagine being able to convince governments and landowners to restore deforested, barren landscapes across the globe. If you can take a few minutes to sign the petition, once we have enough support we will take your voice and hopefully the voice of thousands of others, forward to try and make a difference in the world today.

Take a moment to explore the world via Google and discover the countless opportunities for forest and landscape restoration.

Businesses, celebrities and thousands of people from around the world are being encouraged to plant their pledges of support.

When you Plant a Pledge, you urge world leaders and landowners to commit today to hectares of forest landscape restoration. Log in via Facebook and spread the word to friends and family.

We would like to thank our garden friends at Sand and Stone Landscapes for sponsoring this website and program.

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